What are high pressure access fittings

Crystal's high pressure access fittings from UAE are specialized piping arrangements that allow access internally to vessels of production plants and pipework being operated upon under full process conditions. For such access systems, the corrosion monitoring industry standard

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During operation along with a Retrieval Tool and Service Valve, high pressure high pressure access fittings from UAE allow the installation and retrieval of:

  • probes
  • coupon holders
  • sampling probes and chemical injection, nozzles and quills

These devices allow the installation and safe retrieval without plant shutdown, at working pressures of up to 3,600 psi.

Most frequently, high pressure high pressure access fittings are used in oil and gas production. In these kind of high pressure operations, users are reluctant to shut down and depressurize process systems to allow removal or installation of corrosion monitoring devices.

High pressure high pressure access fittings consist of five basic components:

  • Cover
  • Access Fitting Body
  • Plug Assembly
  • Service Valve
  • Retrieval Tool

Access fitting body is permanently attached with the process plant vessel or pipework. It is a specialized pipe fitting. Access fitting bodies can also be flange mounted or welded.

For the installed device, the Plug assembly is the carrier. Based on the type of device being used, a solid plug assembly or a hollow plug assembly is chosen. The plug assembly screws into the access fitting body and seals the fitting's bore to restrict line pressure.

Together with its plug assembly, the access fitting body and cover (designed to protect the external thread) is called access fitting assembly.

The retrieval tool and service valve are components needed to perform online installation and retrieval of the plug assembly. When the plug assembly is removed during the retrieval procedure, the service valve is used to restrict line pressure. Just one service valve and one retrieval tool can be used to maintain multiple access fitting assemblies.

A variety of devices have been designed for use with high pressure high pressure access fittings. Typically the following equipment can be installed into process lines using standard access fitting assemblies:

  • Corrosion Coupons
  • Linear Polarization Probes
  • Thermowells
  • Biological Probes
  • Electrical Resistance Probes
  • Hydrogen Probes
  • Erosion Probes
  • Sacrificial and Impressed Current Anodes

The following functions can be additionally undertaken with the use of access fitting bodies which incorporate a side-tee.

  • Process Sampling
  • Chemical Injection
  • Sand Monitoring

Crystal Industrial offers two different styles of high pressure high pressure access fittings :

Generic design : This system is compatible and interchangeable with access fitting equipment produced by leading manufacturers.

Proprietary design : Incorporates various unique features which are an improvement on the generic design.

high pressure access fittings IN UAE

ANSI flange fittings are manufactured in accordance with ANSI B16.5 – Specification for Flanges and Flanged Fittings.
Buttweld access fittings are designed to be buttwelded directly to a 2” pipe end
Flareweld bodies are the most widely used. These bodies incorporate a reinforced welding neck and also have a radius machined into the base to accommodate the curvature of the pipe or vessel to which the body is welded.
The plug is a key component to the Crystal high pressure access fitting assembly, as the plug body provides the seal in the access fitting, thereby maintaining line pressure. The plug also serves an important function of holding the monitoring equipment which is exposed to the system.